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Nadar: The Photographer Behind Timeless Portraits of Iconic Figures

Nadar was a master of capturing the essence of his subjects in portraits that were not only beautiful but also incredibly insightful. Throughout his career, he photographed many famous figures, from artists and intellectuals to politicians and performers of that time. Each portrait was unique to the personality and character of the sitter.

Victor Hugo 001

One of Nadar’s portraits is that of the Victor Hugo a famous writer. The portrait shows Hugo seated in a chair, his piercing eyes gazing directly at the viewer.  It’s a powerful collodion image that captures the writer’s intelligence and charisma. Nadar was also a personal friend of Hugo, and their friendship is said to have played a role in the success of the portrait.

Sarah Bernhardt, the legendary French actor was also another famous subject of Nadar. She is captured in a relaxed pose illuminated in natural light. Nadar’s mastery ol light allowed him to create portraits that were both beautiful and natural.

Sarah Bernhardt by Félix Nadar 2

Before Nadar was a photographer he was also passionate about ballooning making several balloon flights, including one over Paris. He took aerial photographs, which were some of the first of their kind.

Nadar, Aerial view of Paris, 1868

The First Photograph from Above the Earth

Nadar is credited with taking the first photograph from above the Earth. He took a photograph while on a hot air balloon flight over Paris in 1858. The photograph provides a unique perspective of the city and shows the intricate details of the city’s architecture at the time.

In addition to his portraits and aerial photographs, Nadar is also known for his series of photographs of the Paris catacombs. He was one of the first photographers to document the underground tunnels and captured images that showed the intricate details and mysterious beauty of the underground world.

Nadar was also an entertainer and was popular in Parisian society famous for his  wit and humor. He used his talent for entertainment to bring people together and was often invited to parties and events where he would perform his caricatures and balloon tricks.

Nadar-Self-Portrait (cropped)

Nadar was a master of portrait photography who revolutionized the medium with his innovative approach to lighting and composition. His portraits not only captured the likeness of his subjects but also their personalities, making them timeless works of art. If you’re a student, historian, or photographer, be sure to take some time to learn about Nadar and his work.

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