Daniel Leocadi Tintype Photography Studio of New Jersey

News from the New Jersey Tintype Studio

Feb 14th 2023 – Hamilton, NJ – After a grueling renovation for the past couple of months, we are finished! After operating moving out of our small store front in Lamberville NJ we now have a huge space and can offer an even better experience for our clients here in Hamilton Square, NJ.

New rooms

The new space now offers an incredible natural light studio which was typical of the era, as well as modern strobe options for creating tintype portraits. We also have ‘The Darkroom Gallery’ with pieces on display and sale created by Daniel Leocadi. There is a relaxation area for customers to enjoy in between longer photoshoots. Lots of our customers are curious about what goes on in the darkroom, and in our old space we could not accommodate them. Now you can join us in the darkroom as part of the experience of having a tintype portrait taken, which is well worth watching!

In addition to the new rooms we also have created a camera obscura to demonstrate the fundamentals of light and understand how a camera actually works! No technology needed! Our guests are welcome to experience the camera obscura during the daylight hours. This is great way for customers to get a better understanding of the process.

Mammoth Tintype options

Having a bigger space allows us to offer our clients a larger range of tintype plate options. There include mammoth 16×20 inch tin type plates as well as banquet size of 12×20 inches. These sizes are very rare to find and are simply not offered anywhere else but our studio. The level of detail far exceeds any other size tintype and are breathtaking to look at.

We look forward to meeting you all and creating some unique handmade tintypes. You will have fun whatever size you choose!