Introduction to wet plate photography - DANIEL LEOCADI

One Day - Introduction to wet plate photography 

Want to learn about this rewarding and challenging photographic process? Wet plate collodion photography was created by Frederick Scott Archer in 1851. The photograph must go through several processes while staying wet to capture an image. The end result is the creation of a unique image whose aesthetic and level of detail is breathtaking and can’t be created by technology. Learning the process of wet plate collodion is challenging and requires a good deal of patience to get results. What makes it even harder to learn is the amount of misinformation online that can confuse and frustrate beginners.

Come join us for a one day workshop to get a basic understanding of this beautiful hands on process. It is a packed and fun filled day and is a great way to get up close and personal with these old techniques.

We will be covering:




Film back options

Lighting options


The process

Creating portraits with a large format camera

One Day Wet Plate Collodion Photography Workshop

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