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Portrait Session

Why not book an appointment to have portraits of you and your loved ones captured forever in silver? This type of photography is a rare and almost a forgotten art form with an experience that is very unique. Each plate is one of a kind taken with a large format camera and is made by hand using silver and light. The plates make beautiful keepsakes and gifts. Once varnished the photograph plates will potentially last hundreds of years if kept dry.

My wet plate photography studio and darkroom is located in Hamilton Square, New Jersey. At this location I can offer:

4x5 inch aluminum plates @ $70 each

4x5 Inch black glass @ $85 each

8x10 inch aluminum plates @ $110 each

8x10 Inch black glass @140 each


I now have an incredibly rare camera capable of capturing 16x20 inch Aluminum OR glass plates. The plates give such incredible detail and are of a 1:1 ratio of the subject.

16x20 inch aluminum plates @ $425 each

16x20 inch black glass @ $480 each

I also do have a mobile setup and can bring my equipment to you - please ask for pricing. 

For booking please contact me via the menu link.

16x20 Wet Plate Collodion Portrait Shoot

Wet plate portrait of Sienna

Fixing a 16x20 inch plate

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